Cyclo Travel & Leisure™ is a reputable and reliable local tour operator, head office based in Vietnam. Our mission is thank to our customers' belief about the ability and 7 years experience in organizing package holidays and cruises in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Myanmar (Burma). Our traveling experts in all the countries are well-trained in tourism and have experienced in organizing package holidays for travelers, the ability to combine sightseeing activities, luxury resorts with the local culture in a natural way, bringing you a trip meaningful and interesting. We always want to bring you a trip to your interests and needs so you can experience the country the way you want with our best quality service and the most reasonable cost at your budget.

Why travel with Cyclo Travel & Leisure

At Cyclo Travel & Leisure, we are dedicated to offering our customers the highest standard of support and the best service on your trip through Vietnam and Asia. We are a trusted team of consultants with a helpful and reliable staff:

+ Travelers have a dedicated team of consultants to support your booking process every step of the way. Our travel consultants will understand your needs.

+  We reply to your emails  within 12 hours or less

+  We customize your tour to suit your needs and budget.

+  We have excellent feedback and customers reviews.

+  We innovate by updating our products and experiences, bringing customers to the "real" Vietnam and other countries in our portfolio

+  We are 100% Vietnamese owned and operated, we really understand local culture.

+ Our tours promote and practice sustainable and ethical tourism wherever we go -- we work hard to empower local communities and ensure that both they and our customers benefit from the tours we run.

+  We do all that we can to ensure the safest trip possible.

+  We take care of your trip during your traveling with Cyclo Travel & Leisure.

+  And we do our best to provide a happy and meaningful holiday :)

We are ready to serve you at Cyclo Travel & Leisure!


Cyclo Travel & Leisure is a local tour operator with head offices in Vietnam. We are expert in organizing tailor-made package holidays, tours and cruises in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand & Myanmar. We offer the best travel packages to meet your budget and interests. Please send us a message to plan your perfect trip to Asia!

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