Cyclo story

Cyclo appeared circa 1939. The first cyclo made by a people called Coupeaud from Charentes region, a sports enthusiast . He hardly managed to get the recognition from Secretarial Ministry of patents and licenses in circulation, after consultation of the two Tour de France champions Georges Speicher and Le Greves.

But ultimately it did not become a means of transportation in France. The first city got the license to use this vehicle was Phnom Penh, colony of France. From Phnom Penh, Coupeaud staged a journey to Saigon. The two men who were hired took turns pedaling a 200 km in 17 hours 23 minutes. The statistics said that late in 1939, Saigon had only 40 cyclos, then in 1940, this figure was 200 units.

February 1941, the notorious gangster  Bay Vien and a Frenchman Maurice found the Mauvien company, had 30 exclusive cyclos at Cholon area in Saigon.

From that time, cyclo became more popular and considered as one of the most popular transportations in Vietnam.

Today, cyclo is a part of Vietnam culture and many other Asian countries. Experience cyclo throught narrow streets bringing travelers closer look to the local culture. That is the main reason why our company was named Cyclo Travel & Leisure™, we would like to bring travelers insight into oriental culture in Vietnam and Asia.


Cyclo Travel & Leisure is a local tour operator with head offices in Vietnam. We are expert in organizing tailor-made package holidays, tours and cruises in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand & Myanmar. We offer the best travel packages to meet your budget and interests. Please send us a message to plan your perfect trip to Asia!

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